Architect designer services in Zimbabwe

Architectural Design

At Pantić Architects, designing architecture is our primary objective, but good projects aren't defined by drawings alone. We aim to achieve quality and also the right solution in every project we take on. The client's objectives and goals are approached with our designers' expertise and knowledge to reach an architectural design that corresponds to the design brief. The principals are involved in all phases of the design, tendering and construction supervision, assuring quality in the whole process. See details on architectural design

Sustainable Design

Sustainable and green building design are new challenges for many clients and builders, through which we can aid and guide them. Fantastic new opportunities are opening every day to improve standard designs to new technological and functional solutions and savings. We strive to optimize and shape each project so that it embraces the green philosophy and maintains sustainable principles while emphasising the architectural design. When it comes to sustainable design our main intent is not to build a structure, but to build a future. See Green and Sustainable Design


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an exciting opportunity for architectural, engineering and construction companies across the globe that are planning new construction projects. The goal of BIM is to take data from architects and engineers and produce a thorough representation of the structure that will be referenced throughout the development process. At Pantic Architects, we fully embrace BIM and all our projects are designed, developed, analysed and finally constructed using all the benefits of BIM software to produce all our architectural drawings.

Drafting Services

As a designer architect, we provide comprehensive architectural drafting services for all maners of renovations, refurbishments, upgrades, or continuation of a project design that has been put on hold. We offer architectural drafting, review and consultation services to upgrade existing buildings and architectural designs to a more sustainable, greener and energy saving approach, as well as rendering services for marketing purposes.

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Pantić Architects' extensive knowledge and experience in construction methods, locally available technologies and materials is beneficial to clients and builders during site inspections and building constructions. Inspections are integrated with other professionals on the project, ranging from project managers, engineers, suppliers, sub-contractors in regular site meetings to monitor the progress of the build. Upon completion, our architectural practice aids the contractor by providing a snag schedule specifying all the defects to be remedied before practical completion and final approval by the local council.

Drone footage

From site surveys to detailed measurements of civil works, with expert drone and postproduction work, seemingly difficult tasks become a breeze. We also provide time lapse photography and video hyperlapse footage, showing the progression of the construction works on site through time. Aerial Video and still footage are ideal as marketing material of building developments. See Aerial photography

3D Rendering - Architectural visualisation

Our 3D visualisation team have decades of experience in creating stunning CGI Images of the architectural design. Using the latest 3D visualisation software, our in-house design team can create photorealistic, interactive and cost-effective visualisations. Using photorealistic CGI visualisations is one of the best ways of showing your creative visions, and significantly increase the chance of pitching a project, attracting new business or giving the customers an insight into the finished design. As architect designers, we can guide the rendering process to illustrate the concepts best. See details on Architectural visualisation

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