Urban design is at the core of social and economic development and we take our role as town planners very responsibly. At its core, Urban planning is about the relationships between the buildings, spaces, roads, city functions and their interconnections.

At Pantic Architects, we have had the privilege to work on two major new city designs: Harare New City and La Cite du Fleuve in Kinshasa.
The town planning involved extensive research into the needs and future provisions of the communities involved and tried to anticipate and cater for them. Both city designs are being developed and construction is proceeding. In addition, we have substantial experience on smaller town planning projects affronting consolidation of rundown areas, introduction of new social and developmental structures and areas, optimisation of existing masterplans, and many more.

On a smaller scale, we have also dealt with masterplaning of residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects with developers. Some of our projects are shown above. As an urban planning firm, our town planners can assist developers, corporations, departments and individuals to shape the guidelines and directions of their future projects.