Institutional buildings have a profound link to both the current and future social and intellectual structures of society. They are long term testaments to the society that has built them and its goals and aspirations. Institutional design is therefore very delicate and powerful at the same time.

The architecture involved has the capacity to change the way people act and react to common and uncommon events. Travel, daily and monthly rituals, rest and recreation all get affected in no small way. Parliaments, national assemblies and the state house, airports, public buildings, churches are only a part of the buildings covere. As institutional architects, we feel a great burden and responsibility to carefully shape the buildings and spaces that might have a profound effect on the people using them.

Institutional design demands careful planning as it contributes to achieving its mission, functional goals and strengthening the sense of belonging. Over the years, we have worked on not only institutional buildings but cemetary design, park landscaping, public and open spaces, monuments, and more.