Drone surveys, aerial videos and photography

At Pantic Architects, we attempt to push the boundaries in every aspect of our profession. Drone technology is evolving rapidly and it enables quicker and easier mapping and surveying of plots, buildings and existing areas. We also love to capture the design concepts and details on camera and aerial photography grants new perspectives.

Topographical surveys and 3d mapping

Using drones and sophisticated software it is now possible to survey large, inaccessible plots and generate two and three-dimensional surveys and models of the locations. These can then be used to set out projects, and understand the terrain levels and constraints.

The same technology can be used to create very detailed orthophoto images of the area, akin to Google earth images, but of much greater detail. Lastly, 3d models of existing buildings and areas can be created that can be used for 3d renderings and animations and closer studies of the existing conditions.

These can then be integrated into BIM or 3d modelling software to use on project design and development.

Drone surveys can also be used to precisely estimate large civil works, like excavations and earth movements during construction and stockpiles in mines and quarries, reducing the manual workload significantly.

Drone survey images showing height maps
Drone survey images showing height maps

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Drone images and videos for marketing

We also provide aerial images and videos of greenfield sites, construction site inspections, completed projects and can assemble them into presentation videos. These can be integrated with 3D animations to provide an aerial vision of future projects, a fantastic tool for marketing developments.

The images and videos can be used to show before and after stages of development, and progress on construction sites. They also provide a fascinating view from the air that has now become a cost-effective marketing solution. These can be integrated with classical video footage to generate stunning visuals and content for projects and developments.

Drone hyperlapse videos

An amazing new development is moving time-lapse videos (hyperlapse videos) of construction sites, showing progress through time that we also offer to our clients. These show the construction process through time and space creating a unique and stunning view of the project development and progress. As far as we are aware, this service can only be obtained in Zimbabwe at Pantic Architects.

More of our video animations can be seen on our Youtube channel

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Professional photograph of barrique casks in Temet winery basement
Professional photograph of barrique casks in Temet winery basement

Architectural photography

Architecture photography is about more than just buildings. Architects shape spaces, ideas, atmospheres and sometimes even new social concepts. Every space and building has its own character, inspired not only by its location, function and aesthetics but also by how it feels. Pantic Architects' architecture photographers understand that a building is not only skin deep, and needs to be understood before it is represented and photographed. Over decades we have honed the art of photographing buildings, architectural details, interiors, constructions sites.

The photos are created with professional cameras, lenses, drones and specialised software for post-production coupled with our experience and techniques for choosing the right angle at the right time. Images of completed buildings for marketing purposes or websites, incredible details, aerial shots, or even for integration with current design projects are all possible. We provide time-lapse photography of the construction process or through one day showing the movement of the sun and shadows.

We aim to help you to get your message across.

360-degree photography tours

360-degree images bring vivid and authentic experiences to viewers, bringing a sense of trust to potential customers before they come to your business. Much more interesting than static and monotonous 360 images allow users to interact with the surroundings and create an authentic and unforgettable view of a space making it more attractive and unforgettable. Incredible for interiors as well, nothing sells a home faster than providing a virtual tour of your Real Estate property.

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