Healthcare design is at the core of the practice and the principal architect has significant experience as a hospital architect in the region and Italy and Europe. From large hospitals with hundreds of beds to small clinics and private practices at Pantic Architects we have substantial expertise with medical design and the particular needs and logistics of hospital design.

Hospital and healthcare architecture is distinct with stringent requirements, logistical challenges and functional requisites. Having more than a few healthcare buildings designed, constructed and approved by the Medical board, we have the experience in designing medical facilities so that the whole process from design to commissioning is seamless and simple.
Our focus is on implementing the latest trends in healthcare and medical technology while at the same time prioritising the wellbeing and recovery of the patients through biophilic design, green and open spaces, but also emphasising social considerations. These and other guiding principles have produced successfulhospitals and medical facilities that have lasted and are still fully operational and current today.