Modern commercial and office designs by office designers and architects

Over the years Pantic Architects has worked on many commercial projects in the region and beyond. Depending on the scope and size of the projects, their requirements were diversified and varied just as the setting they were located in. Some of the architectural projects we were involved in are listed above and include:
- office design, corporate headquarters design , bank design , information hub design, shopping centre design , retail design, shop design, restaurant design , conference centre design , and many more.

Each project has its own complexities and challenges, and they are detailed in the individual project pages. As experienced office designers and architects, our role has always been to understand the corporate requirements and briefs and create commercial architecture that caters to those needs in terms of office space design and usability. As retail and shopping centre architects the emphasis is very different and considerations of various user groups and functions are paramount in creating a successful shopping center. Bank, corporate HQ, information hub and office park design focus on the functionality and long term use and adaptability of the spaces to everchanging requirements and technological processes.

Commercial architecture and design are constantly evolving and the new challenges of COVID and remote workplaces have brought radical changes to the approach and modern offices and workplaces.