Hotel and lodge design by hospitality architects

Lodge and hotel design involves managing the particular and stringent requirements of the hospitality industry and interpreting them into hotel architecture. Hotel operators have different markets, niches and approaches to their clients and users, and as hotel designers and hospitality architects we have interpreted those briefs into creative, successful hotels and lodges. Development of a clear vision based on culture and location is essential in our design approach and philosophy..

We have extensive hospitality design experience: from international and national projects for large hotels designs to small intimate lodges and individual chalets; in Africa and Europe; coastal, continental and tropical climates; private and corporate owners and operators; star, resort, commercial, pensions, boutique and travel lodges. At Pantic Architects we aim to be flexible and ready to react to the fast changing waters of the hospitality sector, through creative curiosity, practicality and passion for details.

As hotel designer our scope extends to restaurant design, and through the years we have worked on many coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Through customer insight and a inquisitive creative process we have strived to form innovative brand identity and experiences promoting a strong sense of brand identification and love.