In Pantic Architects you will find an experienced house designer always aiming to improve and refine the house architectures. We have designed many residential projects from modern house design for individuals and families to cluster housing complexes, townhouses and flats to medium and large apartment buildings and residential towers. The approach varies greatly as does the home design.

Private homes are usually bespoke, made to suit the individual needs and desires of the family and the architectural styles utilised depend on the wishes of the client, from morden house to cape dutch, contemporary, Mediterranean, minimalist and many more.
Cluster houses are usually created for sale or rental and their configuration depends on the location, target market, budget, placement, use, and other factors. Cluster housing offers the benefits of a small community that distributes the costs and benefits of the cluster design.
Town home developments are becoming more frequent in Zimbabwe and when the townhouse design optimises privacy and common areas, a fantastic balance can be achieved between affordability and comfort. Town houses are homes that are not free-standing but share a wall with the neighbouring house and built in a row, usually two or more floors high.
Less frequent in the last years in Zimbabwe are apartment buildings. We have been privileged to have worked on numerous residential towers and blocks with some having up to 200 apartments. Details can be seen on the individual project pages.

Modern house design in Harare is following the latest world trends and at our architectural practice we strive to provide our clients with the same.