Modern townhouses in Harare

Modern multi-coloured cluster housing flats in Harare Zimbabwe. Separation between units in vertical planes
Modern cluster house covered entrance with vertical openings and walls. Designed by harare architect
Backyard and veranda of modern cluster house. Brightly coloured overhanging balcony by architect from harare
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Type: Residential, townhouse development
Area: 1400m2
Completion: 2006

Townhouse design brief

Located in a luxury residential neighbourhood in the northern suburbs of Harare, the plot was an ideal location for a housing development. The architectural brief called for mixed typology, with townhouses, cluster homes and garden flats within the gated complex. All the units were to be intermingled on the plot, creating diversity and breaking up the monotony of a single design. The townhomes were to be attached units, with a common access road and separate parking spaces and entrances. 

Modern townhouses

The architectural style was modern with overlapping planes and rectangular projections. Segmented vertical sections break up the continuous walls, and use of bold colours emphasises the various architectural volumes. Large overhangs protect and accentuate the entrances. Smaller cantilevered slabs shade all the openings from the Zimbabwean sun and rain minimizing heat penetration into the buildings, optimising the passive cooling and reducing costs by designing green. A spacious covered veranda gives onto private gardens and links nature with the internal spaces.

Floor layouts

Large open plan living, dining and kitchen areas are all interconnected and create a bigger, more luxurious space than individually closed-off rooms would. The day areas open up onto the veranda and private garden effectively doubling the useable space. The architectural designer proposed 3 bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms upstairs, with a balcony in the master bedroom.

Bold colours and modern design

With the strong architectural volumes, cantilevered slabs and balconies and fun colours, the townhouse development has a modern, innovative approach in the Zimbabwean residential market.

Modern multi-coloured cluster housing flats in Harare Zimbabwe. Separation between units in vertical planes