Architectural rendering, 3d animation and Virtual reality - VR | Visualisation in Harare

At Pantic Architects, we attempt to push the boundaries in every aspect of our profession. Technology is rapidly progressing and it enables us to offer better, faster and more meaningful projects and information to our clients.

3D Rendering and 3d modelling

Our architectural visualisation team have decades of experience in creating stunning CGI Images. Using the latest 3D visualisation software, our in-house design team can create photorealistic, interactive and cost-effective visualisations through 3d animation and modelling. Photorealistic computer-generated visualisations are one of the best ways of showing your creative visions, and significantly increase the chance of pitching a project, attracting new business or giving the customers an insight into the finished design.

Still images of internal and external areas help show the project and examine the designed spaces in detail and aid the architectural design process significantly. In some countries in the world, local councils require the submission of 3d rendering images of future developments too. The same images can be used for marketing purposes in brochures, videos and websites to help future buyers understand the property they are purchasing or moving into.

At Pantic Architects, we have decades of experience with architectural renderings from the largest of scales including city masterplan visualisations to internal rooms or even of a single object.

3D Animation and video flyovers

We offer architectural animations and Flyover services that will give you and your clients a realistic simulation of your next project. These video animations can be shared remotely or used on television, websites and corporate branding for instant impact. These can also be integrated with drone videos. More appealing than still images, our architectural animations captivate the audience and set a great mood for investment.

More of our 3d animations can be seen on our Youtube channel

Victoria Falls Estate 3d video animation by Pantic Architects
youtube thumbnail
3d animation of urban and town planning design of the New City on the foothills of Mount Hampden in Harare. Architecture by Pantic Architects

Virtual reality - VR walkthroughs

As 3d design professionals in Zimbabwe, we also create interactive and immersive 3D VR tours, enabling the purchasers to literally walk through and experience the future spaces with their own eyes. This amazing technology makes the future project visible and interactive now, helping bridge the gap between design and realization. Alternatively, the same files can be shared anywhere in the world and experienced locally even without a headset, on a computer screen, just like computer games. The experience is unique and is completely immersive opening new boundaries and realities that are only emerging.

Virtual reality walkthrough 3d video animation of luxury residence in Zimbabwe by Pantic architects

3d floorplans

Typical technical drawings can be hard to understand for a layperson, or first-time buyer and create a hurdle in the marketing process. Rich floorplans show a three-dimensional cutout of the rooms with all the furniture, doors and windows, clearly showing the layout of the spaces and possible uses. Invaluable in marketing brochures and retail websites they help bring future projects to the client.


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