Architect design | Modern architecture in Zimbabwe

Architects design buildings, spaces, and their interrelationships, moulding social behaviour through the constraints or lack of. An architecture designer has the challenging task of merging the client's requirements in terms of viability, functionality and speed together with the aesthetic, social and sustainable implications of the designed architecture. Modern architecture in Zimbabwe has ample possibilities to meet these goals, especially in the new design projects.

At Pantic Architects, we have had the privilege to be involved in a variety of projects from interior design and small residential houses, to commercial, retail and medical architecture, to large scale institutional projects, like the new parliament building, or urban design for the Harare New City. We have a passion for variety and we approach every new project with creative curiosity embedding past knowledge into new architectural designs. We simply love to design architecture and the challenges of holistically approaching the design and integrating all the various fields together in one.

We excel in architect design services, interpreting the design brief, creating successful design solutions and ensuring they get realised as designed. The selection of projects below shows some of the projects we have worked on as architect designers through the years.